Proudly nurturing and enriching the lives of Western New York children for over 23 years.

Yellow Ducks

Our Young Toddler program is built around curiosity. The EduKids environment is designed to cater to each child’s desire to discover and explore with materials that are safe, durable and engaging. Your child’s caregiver promotes language and cognitive skills through conversion, labeling, imitation, songs and stories. Motor skills are also developed with leg strength exercises, intentional body movement as well as hand and finger control. Daily routines help promote self-help skills as do the patient and loving caregivers who maintain a warm, comfortable environment, consistent with your toddler’s needs.

Our daily routines are fun, exciting and flexible.

6:30: You and your child are warmly greeted. Your young toddler is then encouraged to engage in free play, coloring, painting, blocks, play dough, puzzles, dress-up and more.

9:30: Hand washing followed by a morning snack.

10:00: “Yellow Ducks” are taken outdoors for walks and play. Your child’s choices include circle time songs, finger plays, stories, art activities, free play and large motor activities.

11:00: Diaper changes and bathroom time.

11:30: Hand washing followed by YUMMY lunches.

1:00: Story, quiet and nap times.

3:00: Hand washing followed by an afternoon snack.

3:30: Diaper changes followed by bathroom time.

4:00 – 5:00: Your child finishes their day at EduKids by walking outside and enjoying time in the play yard where activities include free play, coloring, painting, blocks, play dough, puzzles, dress-up and more.

• Our program closes at 6:00PM