Proudly nurturing and enriching the lives of Western New York children for over 23 years.

 Baby Ducks

Your infant is provided with a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment with programs suited to his or her rapidly expanding imagination. We focus on child specificity as the arranging of furniture, toys and materials and rest and eat schedules are all designed with your child’s growth and well-being at heart. Our highly skilled and specialized caregivers support each and every child during their earliest development.

Our staff works closely with you to identify your child's individual needs. We schedule sleep, naps, cleanings and feedings based on each infant and respectfully follow and integrate these schedules into our care program. Our staff will also evolve each infant’s program as they become physically stronger and more mobile. This is piggybacked by placing a higher emphasis on language stimulation, communication building and play activities involving cause and effect toys as well as art creation and planned gross motor exercises.

Our daily routines are fun, exciting and flexible.

6:30 – 8:30: Typical arrival time of your baby. Every infant is warmly welcomed each day at EduKids, through conversation with family. We share information about your infant’s home to school transition and the beginning sleep and play for the day.

8:30 – Midday: Individual attention is given to each “Baby Duck” through play with a carefully selected variety of toys and sensory activities designed to stimulate their developing body awareness. We provide songs and music, which promote language and natural rhythm, as well as relaxing exercise and friendship building through continuous concentration on names, touch, talk and smiles.

Midday – 4:30: Continued attention is paid to your infant during outdoor play and afternoon strolls in their ‘Bye-Bye Buggy’ as they get to experience nature in the warmth of the afternoon sun (weather permitting, of course). Infants are encouraged to stretch, roll, grasp and toddle during floor mat time.

4:30 – 6:00: Typically the time we say, “Goodbye.” As each “Baby Duck’s” family arrives at the center for pickup, we review the day and plan for the next. Infants are prepared to leave after soothing, calm activities at each day’s end.

Our program closes at 6:00PM