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Kate's Corner

Kate Dust, our Vice President of Education and Staff Development, writes a weekly blog for our families on many of the child-focused topics you want to know about.

Oct 25 2016
Get Ready – Halloween

Halloween is a “tricky” holiday for many reasons.  Schools, communities and neighborhoods have begun to organize safe Halloween events that are organized, held in one spot at a specific time and include many adults monitoring children and activities.  Our neighborhood elementary school has a “Trunk or Treat” evening.  Families gather in the parking area of […]

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Sep 29 2016
Learning Language and Loving It!

Young children look for language.  They respond to sound even before they are born!  There are studies that conclude babies are attending to sounds, rhythms, language “lilts” of their culture and the sound of voices while they are in utero.  It is fascinating.  Annie M. Paul, author of Origins has a wonderful Ted Talk titled […]

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Sep 09 2016
I Can’t Find The Shoes!

How did you survive the first week of the new program year, school year, soccer team or change to the schedules in the house?  This time of year is tricky.  No doubt about it. While visiting children throughout the EduKids Centers this week, it occurred to me – again – how absolutely marvelous childhood is.  […]

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