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Kate's Corner

Kate Dust, our Vice President of Education and Staff Development, writes a weekly blog for our families on many of the child-focused topics you want to know about.

Feb 01 2016
Grey Winter Days are Reading Days!

These chilly days of winter seem endless, even though February promises spring.   Admittedly this winter has been much milder than last year but it is still winter.  Without snow piles to jump in, frozen waters to skate on or slippery slopes to sled down ~ what’s a family to do? I know…… READ! Today’s the […]

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Jan 05 2016
Keep Kleenex in the Car

New Year’s Resolutions are part of life.  They just are.  And because we have grown up thinking that New Year is the time to make a change and resolve to make that change a reality – we make New Year’s resolutions.  We just do. Well, we all know that some NYRs are pretty tricky and […]

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Dec 28 2015
The Art of Caring

This is the perfect time of the year to consider the art of caring and the art of teaching to care. The word caring can be exchanged for; kind, thoughtful, helpful, considerate, compassionate, loving & attentive. These words have actions and behaviors that are associated with them. They are considered good and desirable. The Holidays […]

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