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Kate's Corner

Kate Dust, our Vice President of Education and Staff Development, writes a weekly blog for our families on many of the child-focused topics you want to know about.

Oct 09 2015
Today’s the Day!

It is my privilege and pleasure to be able to have daily conversations with families and educators of young children.  My work in the centers is to support and assist directors and teachers in our infant through school age classrooms.  And while I love the teachers, I also really enjoy talking with families.  And of […]

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Sep 30 2015
Autumn Arrives

Have you noticed leaves changing color?  While I still have some summer garden flowers around, they aren’t looking very good.  I know it’s time to change geraniums for hardy mums, but I just hate to do it, for me this is the true end of summer. But then… apples are everywhere and the air gets […]

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Sep 23 2015
Learning Through Play

Children love to play; games, chase, house, soccer. Children play all the time. Children are good at playing. Children love to learn; rhymes, songs, how to ride a bike, how to read. Children are learning all the time. Children are good at learning. Learning and playing are good partners.  They are good for children. Maximize […]

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