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Kate's Corner

Kate Dust, our Vice President of Education and Staff Development, writes a weekly blog for our families on many of the child-focused topics you want to know about.

Apr 21 2016
Resilient Children

When kids are young, they have many opportunities to be resilient; to get back up when you get knocked down.  In early childhood this takes the form of everything from a new walker continually toddling over and falling to a new talker determined to get you to understand her attempts at asking for ice cream.  […]

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Apr 04 2016
Sidewalk Chalk and Snow

Very recently there were beautiful flowers, rainbows, lines and names written on my blacktop driveway, on neighbor’s sidewalks and on the EduKids Centers’ outside play spaces.  The marvelous artists were young “personal” grandchildren, children and our Centers EduKIDS.   It was wonderful to see and put smiles on many faces.  We took pictures. Those beautiful designs […]

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Mar 11 2016
Spring Thing

I love Spring for the following reason: It rhymes with thing and sing. In fact, between Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2nd, and the changes in weather, spring holidays, beginning gardens, spring cleaning and the daylight savings time on March 13th, there are many things to sing about.   So for the month of March collect […]

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