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Kate's Corner

Kate Dust, our Vice President of Education and Staff Development, writes a weekly blog for our families on many of the child-focused topics you want to know about.

Nov 24 2015
Being Thankful

You pick up your preschooler’s jacket off the floor and no one notices. You clean the dishes off the table after your children eat lunch, while they run to play. You wash clothes when you should be sleeping. You stop to get diapers and milk at 6 in the morning. You make sure that everyone’s […]

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Nov 19 2015
The Power of Conversation

How many conversations are you in during your work day?  Now add after work; family, friends, shopping, meetings, play and just hanging around.  That is a lot of talking and I bet you are good at it. Your word count is astonishing.  You have thousands of words in your head but instantly choose the ones […]

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Nov 13 2015
Boys Can Be Doctors Too

I was talking with parents of preschoolers recently and a young mother told me this story; Her family’s pediatrician is a woman, the mom’s doctor is a female (her children have gone to appointments with their mom and have met the doctor) and the family’s dentist is a woman.  The children in this family have […]

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